Questions About the Art Supply Exchange What is Regina's Art Supply Exchange?

Regina's Art Supply Exchange (RASE) is both a shop and blog for artists of all ages and practices (amateurs, students, professionals, educators, hobbyists) to find and exchange second hand materials, media, and supplies for their studios/classrooms at a minimal cost. It uses as a model Creative Reuse Centres  (CRC's) from across North America.

What is a Creative Reuse Centre?

CRC's are dedicated to the redistribution of second hand art making materials. They are centres for businesses/people to dispose of their unused materials in an ethical and environmentally conscious way while providing low cost resources to creative individuals, community organizations, and community members in need. RASE was started in Regina, Saskatchewan to act as a meeting point for various members in the arts community to (re)distribute recyclable and reusable arts materials.

Who runs Regina's Art Supply Exchange?

RASE is mainly volunteer run. Below is a list of important figures/organizations:

Where is Regina's Art Supply Exchange?

RASE's Shop is located on the 2nd Floor of 1843 Hamilton Street (above the Capitol Restaurant). We share this space with Articulate Ink and other Creative City Centre tenants. Please note there is no elevator or chairlift up to the second floor. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We are 1 block away from all major bus routes that stop at 11th Ave and Hamilton St. There are 2-hour metered spots in front of the space (free on weekends) and Impark lots 1-2 blocks away from the centre.

When is Regina's Art Supply Exchange Shop open for shopping?

RASE's Shop is open in 2018 on Saturdays only from 1-5pm from January - May. We are subject to the hours of our host facility, any irregularities in operational hours will be posted on our Facebook pageWatch our Events page for events outside of regular operational hours. 

When and where can I donate supplies to the Shop?

Supplies can be dropped off during the operational hours noted above at 1843 Hamilton Street (see map above). Please check our List of Accepted Items before dropping off any donations, as we are not like other second hand stores and there are many items we do NOT accept for donation.